School’s out & Splitting Shop

27 Jul

new cards… at least for the next 9 more days! I am not too pleased on how this last term went, though I have tried my best to learn a totally confusing “craft” (photography), and deal with 10 – 12 hrs shifts at work… But at least I have learned a bit more about my limitations 😀

Next term starts on August 4th, and I have American Politics (grrrr…), Adobe Premiere/Video Editing and Humanities/Adventures in Human Spirit. I will be doing lots of reading at work, that’s for sure… lol

However, these nine days are not a total vacation, as I still have to go to work… Plus, I will have to adjust to having Jim around a lot more, as by the end of the next week he will be completely moved in. Yay! As I work 3rd shift, he plans on moving furniture around to make the best of our living quarters, so coming home will be a daily surprise! At least he will have a fresh pot of coffee ready for me and some toast, so I will not have to worry about breakfast before cleaning up and starting my day – with my morning nap!

Also, I have decided to split my shop, FarAway Designs Cards this week; a bit ambitious undertaking, but I feel it need to be done as my cross-stitch cards started getting “lost” in an inventory that also includes papercrafted cards. I am still mulling it over (especially shop name, as you can imagine) but I know it is time to finally do this change!

Time for me to get a fresh cup of coffee, and do some reading – and some laundry!

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Posted by on July 27, 2010 in Cards, School


One response to “School’s out & Splitting Shop

  1. Dianna Petry

    July 28, 2010 at 12:21 am

    I’m doing a little happy dance here! First of all, your talent with the cards and paper items still amazes me. Secondly, I’m thrilled that Jim is moving completely in with you. Third, enjoy the days without class to worry about and fourth, did I mention I am thrilled that Jim is going to be there full time?

    A name for the second part of your shop….oh man, that’s a toughie! You will succeed no matter how it works out!


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