Unexpected crash…

27 Sep

    It was quite a morning! After a long, long, LONG night at work (and not a really good night, as one of the machines decided to act up and gave me faulty readings on about 30 parts…), I came home to a crashed hard drive. Apparently the computer gremlins were out and about – and their target was my PC… As I could not start the blasted thing no matter what I’ve tried, and lacking the savvy and the patience to deal with a temperamental computer, I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and reformat said crashed hard drive. Meaning, I have lost all my saved email, all my favorites, all my graphics & photos… I’m positive that my blood pressure went up a few points, but it is what it is… With my surgery day approaching fast, there just isn’t enough energy left for me to worry about the things I have lost, though my files will be backed-up more often from now on 😉

    See y’all later!

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Posted by on September 27, 2011 in Personal


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