Gone to a good home…

08 Nov

    Yesterday I had to say “Goodbye…” to my last two snowmen cross-stitch cards… I know they went to a good home and I do wish them all the best…

    I have been working on updating the photos for my two shops, FarAway Designs Cards and PaperMoon’s Designs. Whatever talents I might have, photography is just not one of them. I took photos inside… I took photos outside… In morning’s softer light and with noon’s bright light… I know that at some point I will have to create a small photo studio for my cards, but right now the resources are just not there…

    As I go back to work on Monday, this week I plan to wrap up all the projects I have been working on during the last six weeks since my surgery. Well, I did not exactly work on things the whole time; I pretty much slept the first week after I came home from the hospital. Then, it was quite difficult to sit or stand, even if I was ready to play with paper or thread… I am much better now (as long as I do not think about my BP that keeps on going up, for reasons unknown…) I am positive that returning to my regular routine, will do me good… At least, that is how I choose to look at things 🙂

    Till next time…

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