Rejoice ~ Peace ~ Noel

12 Nov

     A week ago, I have promised myself that I will complete – and hopefully post/list – all the projects that I have started during my leave of absence… Well, that did not quite happen, not entirely… You see, six weeks is a long time, even if I was not really able to do much crafting for the first two weeks… So, I ended up with lots of projects, most of them 95% completed. Over the weekend however,  I sat down my too prolific self and finished lots of my cards and cross-stitch bookmarks. The thing that stumps me the most is taking photographs of my projects – as I have mentioned before, naybe once or twice too many times… lol

     But I did complete three cross-stitch cards that are very dear to me… You see, I love stained glass. From large size, as in cathedral windows to small size, as in my cross-stiched card – and everything in between… So, whenever I catch a glimpse of a pattern that could be developed into a stained glass project… well, I cannot resit it!

     So you can understand when I tell you that I could not pass the opportunity of sitting down and cross-stitching these lovely cards. For a closer – and much better look – each of these cards can be found in my “FarAway Designs Cards” shop, just click on each card name and it will take you there: Rejoice, Peace & Noel.

     Tonight, I have a writing assignment for a blog hop: Holiday Traditions. That means less cross-stitching, less computer time and more thinking, writing, reading, proofreading, re-writing & more re-writing… I am really looking forward to challenge my brain in a different way 😉

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