Beach Read – Cross-stitched bookmark

07 Jan

     One of my mental New Year “resolutions” was to better keep up with my blog, as well as my shops. So, at times, I might post more of the newer things I am creating and posting or simply updates on my boring life’s going ons… Maybe not daily posts, but as often as I possibly can… Of course, history taught me that New Year resolutions seem to be made only for us to break them as soon as their newness loses some of its luster – or maybe not…

     Right now, waiting for my coffee to be ready, I thought I should post another one of my older bookmarks, “Beach Read“. I love the unique surfboard shape and the summer details added by the flower, cool sunglasses, suntan lotion and the tiny flip flops… lol… The colors seem as perfect as the most perfect summerday at the beach… Sigh… I love the ocean: the water lapping on the beach, the smell of salty water, walking on the warm, wet sand, the sounds of the seagulls scavanging for food – I love it all, yet I have not been close to any beach in close to 10 years…

     Enjoy the bookmark and feel free to let me know what you think 🙂

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Posted by on January 7, 2012 in cross-stitch, handmade, Inspirational, Personal


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