Cherry on Top Cupcake card

10 Dec

 I have neglected this blog far too long; between working 7 days/week and just trying to keep up with my Etsy stores here & here, as long as my newly opened store, there just is not enough time in a day to do everything I want to… So I found myself letting go of some things willingly and neglecting others unwittingly… But here I am, hoping that the pending Christmas shutdown will bring a bit of peace to my work schedule and that I will get back in my posting routine 🙂

     Today’s posting was inspired by the large tray of goodness my friend Darlene showed up at work with last week. Granted, it was not full of cupcakes but of German Chocolate & Coconut bars, but cupcakes are more up my alley… Not the baked kind, but the cross-stitched ones, so here is one delightful little morsel, my version of a “Cherry on Top Cupcake“…

     Hungry yet…?!

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Posted by on December 10, 2012 in Cards, cross-stitch, handmade


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