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Becoming whole again…


Fire Within

Grief can arise from many life situations, but know it is not a permanent state of being.

When we experience any kind of devastating loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a dream, or a relationship, feelings may arise within us that are overwhelming or difficult to cope with. This sense of grief can also come up when we are separated from anyone or anything we have welcomed into our lives. And while it may feel like we are caught up in a never-ending spiral of sadness and emptiness, it is important to remember that the grief we are feeling is not a permanent state of being. Rather, grief is part of the process of letting go that in many ways can be a gift, allowing us to go deeper within ourselves to rediscover the light amidst the seeming darkness.

The emotions that accompany any kind of loss can be intense and varied. A sense of shock or denial is often the first reaction, to be replaced by anger. Sometimes this anger can be directed at your loved one for “abandoning” you; at other times you may feel outrage toward the universe for what you are enduring. And while there are stages of grief that people go through – moving from denial to anger to bargaining to depression to acceptance – the cycles of grief often move in spirals, sometimes circling forward and then back again. You may even experience moments of strength, faith, and laughter in between. While these emotions seem to come and go sporadically, it is important to feel them, accept them, and allow them to flow. With time, patience, and compassion, you will eventually find your center again.

As we move through our grief, we may find ourselves reluctant to release our pain, fearing we are letting go of who or what we have lost. We may even regard our movement toward healing as an act of disloyalty or giving up. Know that while the hurt may fade, the essence of what you had and who you loved will have already transformed you and forever stay with you. If anything, once you are ready for the pain of your loss to subside, their memories can then live more fully within you. Remember, that healing is a part of the spiraling cycles of grief, and that in letting yourself feel restored again, you are surrendering to a natural movement that is part of the dance of life.

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It’s official…


     Last night we’ve been informed that we are working the  whole weekend, which pretty much means that our Christmas shutdown is two days shorter than it should have been… And what makes it so frustrating is that we have been working 7 days/week pretty much since July… I have been so tired that I have not had a chance of getting any of my Christmas decorations up – although I have somehow managed to CASE and make myself a new wreath (I’ll try to get a photo of it and post it this weekend…lol)
     I hope all of you enjoy your family and friends and have a Merry Christmas”!

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Beach Read – Cross-stitched bookmark

     One of my mental New Year “resolutions” was to better keep up with my blog, as well as my shops. So, at times, I might post more of the newer things I am creating and posting or simply updates on my boring life’s going ons… Maybe not daily posts, but as often as I possibly can… Of course, history taught me that New Year resolutions seem to be made only for us to break them as soon as their newness loses some of its luster – or maybe not…

     Right now, waiting for my coffee to be ready, I thought I should post another one of my older bookmarks, “Beach Read“. I love the unique surfboard shape and the summer details added by the flower, cool sunglasses, suntan lotion and the tiny flip flops… lol… The colors seem as perfect as the most perfect summerday at the beach… Sigh… I love the ocean: the water lapping on the beach, the smell of salty water, walking on the warm, wet sand, the sounds of the seagulls scavanging for food – I love it all, yet I have not been close to any beach in close to 10 years…

     Enjoy the bookmark and feel free to let me know what you think 🙂

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A Christmas Candle – Holiday Traditions

     Welcome to Etsy Greetings Team  “Handmade Holiday Traditions” Blog Hop! I hope you will enjoy your stay and learn a bit about my Christmas traditions, as well as other members of Etsy Greetings Team. You will find the link to the following blog at the end of my post… Merry Christmas to you!

     Growing up, my extended family of uncles, aunts, cousins and – reigning over all – my grandmother, had plenty of traditions… We just did not really call them that or knew them as such… We decorated the Christmas tree together, with specific jobs for every one of us according to our age, of course… My aunt Marie locked herself in one room and started baking the most fragrant and delicious Christmas loaf I have ever eaten…My older cousin, Theodore used to build for the younger kids a snowman as tall as he could (and, as it seemed that Theodore never stopped growing, neither did the snowman…)

     My brother Chris and I, the youngest of the children did not really have any particular “duties” at Christmas, so we were always designated to keep an eye on Santa. I would much rather get involved in the mess going on around the Christmas tree, but looking back our duty was supposed to keep us busy while the grown-ups were working on keeping Christmas alive for one more year for us…

     On Christmas Eve, after we lit up the candles in the Christmas tree, we sang the Christmas carols that we have learned the words to in the year prior. Yes – just in case you wonder –  I know now about the fire hazard, but nothing brings out the beauty in a Christmas night as real candles… My grandmother always brought out this elaborate candlestick, took out a brand new beeswax candle, and lit it after saying a prayer to herself that seemed to bring tears to her eyes. The candle, I’ve learned many years after my childhood was gone, was for the family and friends from far away. The candle was in memory of those we have loved and lost, so that their souls find a way home for Christmas. A few cloved-studded oranges kept company to the burning candlestick for the duration of the holidays, until January 1st, my uncle Peter’s birthday…  

     To create my own tradition, as I went on my own – and after my dad passed away – I have lit a jar candle each year, keeping it right next to the tree. I decorate a few small oranges with cloves, in a nice swirly pattern, set it all up on an old platter decorated with poinsettia flowers and a golden mesh bow – and say a quiet little prayer for far away family and friends, and hope that the souls of my father and grandmather will find a home with me at Christmas… My blessings each year…? My son, Chris born on Christmas Day 1983 and my daughter, Oana… To them, my love always…

      If you came here from “Pinky Creations”, then you are in the right place! To enjoy more of the Etsy Greetings Team Handmade Holiday Traditions, please click on the right arrow to arrive to “Adore By Nat”‘s blog hop.

     Thank you for stopping by!   

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Blue Christmas

     Have I ever mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday ever…? I often think of Christmases past, of a childhood that was so trouble-free, of the oranges and bananas that were so very rare in the Romanian markets, but that my Dad always managed to bring home at Christmas… I remember fondly the Christmas tree we were barely allowed to decorate, as my grandma was quite mindful of her heirloom glass ornaments and the real candles that made everything sparkle so softly and magically…

     Many years have passed since; my grandma and father passed away, and so did the uncle and aunt that taught us how to sing Christmas carols… I am grateful to all of them for creating such beautiful memories, that make each Christmas season a treasure to be cherished…

     As I only recently started sending handmade Christmas cards to friends and family, I try to create cards that carry those magical images of my childhood into each card I made – so everyone enjoys a bit of seasonal joy when they open an envelope…   

     What we have here is a set of three Christmas cards created on blue cardstock and layered with white and blue panels. Top panels on two cards are dry embossed and a touch of shimmer paint has been added. A third panel has been embossed with a frame panel and sponged with ink for a distressed look. The stockings have been hand stamped and glimmer paper as well as clear rhinestones have been added for an unique look. A wonderful, special set of cards to give as a gift – or use yourself this Christmas season!

     What unique memories of Christmas past do you care to share with us…? I would love to hear it, so please take a minute and leave a comment…

     Thank you for dropping by today!
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52 Weeks of Mail

     Hello, everyone! It’s so good to be back home, after a brief hospital stay – my very first since the birth of my son, almost 28 years ago… Not too happy with the discomfort (who would be, I wonder…), and having to walk around holding on to my belly is hardly qualifying as “atractive”, but I am home, I did well and I am recovering a bit each day… But I’m digressing…

     You might not know, but World Post Day is coming October 9th, marking the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s establishment in 1874. The union aimed to create and maintain a structure for the free flow of international mail around the world.

     I don’t know about you, but I LOVE receiving mail the old fashioned way. Not that I don’t enjoy the Internet, or find that the speed of email is effective and useful at some point – but I am thrilled when I get my mail from the box and find a bit more that bills and/or junk mail… A greeting card or a personal note, it makes me feel… special. Anything handwritten is a deeply personal and involved activity, as a bit of yourself is shared with many others, that share themselves with you… Maybe that is why I love Christmas so much 🙂

     The Etsy Greetings Team, a collection of over 100 artists from all over the globe who collaborate to promote the art and craft of card making, is celebrating World Post Day by issuing a challenge that we are calling 52 Weeks of Mail. This idea sprung from one member’s desire to keep in touch better with friends and loved ones, and to be intentional about relationships. The idea is for people to commit to sending at least one personal note, card, letter, or postcard to people they know, once a week for a year. Of course, you can send MORE than one, but that’s up to you. Just think how happy this will make the Postal Services around to the world—not to mention those old friends!!

     Here are three ways you can participate: read full article here.

     For some wonderful greeting cards, check out this treasury of my fellow talented Etsygreetings team members here at Happy correspondence to all!

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Unexpected crash…

    It was quite a morning! After a long, long, LONG night at work (and not a really good night, as one of the machines decided to act up and gave me faulty readings on about 30 parts…), I came home to a crashed hard drive. Apparently the computer gremlins were out and about – and their target was my PC… As I could not start the blasted thing no matter what I’ve tried, and lacking the savvy and the patience to deal with a temperamental computer, I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and reformat said crashed hard drive. Meaning, I have lost all my saved email, all my favorites, all my graphics & photos… I’m positive that my blood pressure went up a few points, but it is what it is… With my surgery day approaching fast, there just isn’t enough energy left for me to worry about the things I have lost, though my files will be backed-up more often from now on 😉

    See y’all later!

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