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New Year Thoughts

     We are just a few hours away from welcoming a New Year here in East Tennessee… I have considered making a few New Year’s resolutions, but the very thought of committing them to paper made them seem so… definitive… I guess that is the very idea of a New Year’s resolution, yet I will commit to memory only the never-ending list of things I would love to improve or change.

     The year has been better than the last; I have been more creative and productive where my two Etsy shops are concerned – though I cannot say that my sales have increased a whole lot. I could have promoted my shops better, or at least renew my cards more often (on thing that keeps popping up on my mental list of things that need to be improved…) Creating, taking photos, renewing & listing new items was not an issue on the weeks I was off work (six weeks due to a temporary layoff at the plant and another six weeks due to major surgery…) As soon as I returned to work, we had to work quite a lot of overtime, as Honda was trying to make up for the lost production due to this Spring’s Japan earthquake… After working 25 days with only one day off, let me tell you that the last thing I wanted to do was to sit in front of the computer… However, I am planning to work on this issue (I have quite a bit of photos taken, edited and cropped and ready to be listed – in either of the shops) Plus, I have dozens of ideas for new cards, which will come in handy as soon as I am somewhat recovered from this second surgery I am scheduled for (carpal tunnel and repair of a partially torn elbow ligament – thankfully, both on the same arm…) It will be a painful January, and hopefully I will not have to be away from work for more than 8 or 10 weeks…

     Well, I might not have any resolutions for the New Year, but I do have quite a bit on my “To Do” list, and it is mainly about re-organizing my office/craft room. I have amassed quite a large quantity of patterned paper and paper pads (I cannot resist any of My Mind’s Eye papers – they are just too beautiful…), so I need to start using it more in my card creations. My stamps, individuals and sets, wood mounted, clear or clings, they all need to be catalogued, sorted and prioritized for using… I happen to still know where everything is without searching for it for more than a minute or two, my every so often my brain seems to be taken a brief vacation – and then I am just a tad lost. I do not like that feeling!

     So, how about you, made any New Year’s resolutions yet…? Any ideas that you care to share with the ones (like me…) that are challenged…? I would care to hear what you are up to this New Year, so how about leaving me a brief comment and tell me all about it…?

     To everyone else, have a safe Happy New Year!

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