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Polymer clay sunflower magnet tutorial

Polymer clay sunflower magnet tutorial.

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Garden of Roses Notecards

    Hello everyone!

    Although quite a bit of time has passed by since my last post, I have not forgotten my lil’ blog… However, with all events that life threw my way, it was inevitable that I would have to put aside a few of my activities, so I can heal and recover after my surgery…

    I have created this little notecards box a while back, but never got around to post it here or in my shop – so I thought that today is the day! LOL… As I have never done a set of notecards before – especially not a boxed set – I was a bit reluctant to post it, but here it is… And, so many months after its creation, I still like the way it turned out 🙂

    I had this absolutely lovely Designer Papers from K&Company, named “Life’s Journey” and, as hard as it was to part with a few of its pages, I did! The cards are 3.75in by 3.75in, layered with dark artichoke green and light moss textured cardstock, while the insert is natural white cardstock, that feels a lot like handmade paper… To keep the flap of the box closed, I made a belly band using the other side of the notecard paper, and top it off with a handstamped & punched sentiment… The inside of the notecards is white, which allows the sender to use them for any occassion.

    I love the shabby chic, vintage-look of that paper pad- don’t you…?


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Calla Lilies – Day 4

Calla Lilies – Day 4 Progress


    Seems that there was no photo taken on day 3, so i just had to skip over it straight into Day 4… It does look more and more like Callas, does it not…? And of course, true to my nature, I have already started the second panel – even before the first one is completed and put away (or posted in my Etsy shop… LOL) I will get to all that less than fun stuff a bit later… Promise…
    It was such a lovely, pleasant day this morning… I woke up at the smell of bacon, eggs and fresh brewed coffee… I took a peek at the project I have worked on most of the night, and I am still pleased with the results, even in the light of day… Doing a bit of laundry, then returning to cross-stitching – what more could a girl want, anyway…? And then, my last week at work (before surgery medical leave) is starting. Not sure if we will be working this weekend, but in a sense, I wish we do (cannot say NO to OT when I will be out of work for awhile…
    Y’all be good now…

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Work in Progress – Day 2

Work in Progress – Day 2


    Here is how my work is shaping up… Aparently, I need to work on my Photoshop skills – after adjusting color and contrast, my photo looks much brighter than the piece I am working on…
    We’ve got to work overtime tonight, though there is no scheduled Honda shipment until Tuesday morning… Guess they are trying to get ahead, yet we are scheduled almost every weekend from here till Christmas shutdown… Ugggghhh… I will be on Medical Leave, but my peers will enjoy some nice paychecks. LOL
    Well, got to go – dinner is ready!
    See y’all tomorrow, for another update 🙂

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