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Two Hearts as One…


Love is a wonderful reason for celebration…

Lately, with my demanding work schedule, I haven’t had enough energy to devote to my favorite hobby, cross-stitching. And – if by chance – I get to finish a card or two, can’t really muster the will to get them photographed so I can post them. Soooo… I took advantage of having this weekend off (as my plant celebrates its 25th anniversary…), and took photos of my work ūüôā

The card was cross-stitched on 14ct white perforated paper, which I have discovered to be much better for my cards. I have used DMC 6 strands Embroidery floss. I guess this card would be easy to customize by a simple color change for the wedding cake, to match those of the wedding party… Hmmm…

The back of the cross-stitching is not showing. The inside of the card is white and had been left blank for a personal message. However, I guess a stamped greeting could be added, something along the lines of “Best Wishes”, “Celebrate” or something similar. The card is 4.25″ by 5.5in, with the cross-stitch area of 2.75in by 4.25in.

Well, I guess I’ll go fix a breakfast of scrambled eggs & toast. Y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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    Hello, everyone!

¬†¬†¬† It has been awhile since my last post – working 6 or 7 days is draining all my energy (as well as my ability to think long enough to complete an intelligent post…lol) So, I took advantage of having a rare day off work and decided to update my blog…

¬†¬†¬† The weather here in East Tennessee has been a bit on the weird side: from temps of 72F one day straight to freezing rain and snow. So, just to keep my soul warmed, I started to think Spring and Summer, fresh green leaves and beach sand…

¬†¬†¬† The above card, “Beach Lighthouse” is one of the newest additions to my Etsy shop, and can be found here. Its summertime companions, “Beach Cabin” and “Beach Tent” can be be also viewed here and here. As most of my work, the cards were created using 14ct perforated paper, only I have used ecru colored paper this time around – it looked so much closed to sand…

¬†¬†¬† Well, I’m off now to tend to my badly swollen, sprained ankle… Hopefully, I will be able to walk by tomorrow…


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Cherry on Top Cupcake card

¬†I have neglected this blog far too long; between working 7 days/week and just trying to keep up with my Etsy stores here & here, as long as my newly opened store, there just is not enough time in a day to do everything I want to… So I found myself letting go of some things willingly and neglecting others unwittingly… But here I am, hoping that the pending Christmas shutdown will bring a bit of peace to my work schedule and that I will get back in my posting routine ūüôā

¬†¬†¬†¬† Today’s posting was inspired by the large tray of goodness my friend Darlene showed up at work with last week. Granted, it was not full of cupcakes but of German Chocolate & Coconut bars, but cupcakes are more up my alley… Not the baked kind, but the cross-stitched ones, so here is one delightful little morsel, my version of a “Cherry on Top Cupcake“…

¬†¬†¬†¬† Hungry yet…?!

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Birdhouses – Cross-stitch Wall Art

Birdhouses Wall Art

One of my latest endeavours has been creating a few pieces of cross-stitch wall art. The delightful trio of prim-style birdhouses was cross-stitched on 14ct white Mill Hill perforated paper (my absolute favorite cross-stitch material!), in soft pastel coordinating shades of dusty pink, green, yellow and blue. The thread is DMC Six Strand Embroidery Floss. The stitched area is aprox 3in by 7.5in and the completed piece is 5in by 9.5in, which allow you to frame it with a mat in the frame of your choice.

The frame as it appears above, is digitally created, to give you a basic idea on how the piece would look framed. This completed piece is NOT coming with a frame – the frame in the photograph was used only to give you an idea on how this sampler can be displayed on your desk or wall.

Stitching time: aprox. 12hrs.

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Stars and Stripes…

Fireworks brighten the mid summer’s night
Honoring America on the fourth of July
In the hearts of her people, loyalty and pride
For the red, white and blue, the stars and the stripes.

¬†¬†¬†¬† Red, white and blue…
¬†¬†¬†¬† Stars and stripes…

¬†¬†¬†¬† On a background as blue as the sky, this bookmark fits perfectly in any man or woman’s book, a permanent reminder of the patriotism of those who fight in far away lands…

     Stitching time: aprox. 15hrs.

¬†¬†¬†¬† One of my favorite bookmarks – not only¬†as a Fourth of July item – and one¬†selected by quite a few people as a gift one for a loved one in the service…

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Golden Quill…

¬†¬†¬†¬† One of my favorite past times is cross-stitching, which I have learned at my grandma’s knee –¬†as the saying goes… It is my “thing” when I am too tired to read or sleep, it is what keeps my hands busy as I watch (or rather listen…) the TV… I love collecting all kinds of lovely cross-stitch patterns from specialty magazines or websites, even if I am aware that I might never get to bring most of them to life… What can I say, I love cross-stitching…

¬†¬†¬†¬† A while back, one of my acquisitions was a set of patterns, one for a tall stack of hardcover books the other one this “Golden Quill” and inkwell. The soft colors, the blending of colors, the exquisite result – it all appealed to me… Now, it took me a good time to finish it – about 15hrs – ¬†but I always felt that a good result comes from careful attention to all details. A few loving words can be written on the back of the bookmark, on the white sticker paper that finishes it. Regular envelopes are either too big or too small, or simply unsightly, so most of my bookmarks have handmade slimline envelopes…

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit and that you will stop by again…

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Yin & Yang Bookmark

Yin is soft while Yang is hard.
Yin is stillness while Yang is movement.
The moon is Yin while the sun is Yang.
Woman is Yin while Man is Yang.
Mountain is Yin while the river is Yang.
Intuitive is Yin while Logical is Yang.
Winter is Yin while Summer is Yang and so on.

     The ancient Chinese subscribe to a concept called Yin Yang which is a belief that there exist two complementary forces in the universe. One is Yang which represents everything positive or masculine and the other is Yin which is characterized as negative or feminine. One is not better than the other. Instead they are both necessary and a balance of both is highly desirable.

     This thinking is different from the duality of most religion where one state overcomes the other e.g. good over evil. In the concept of Yin Yang, too much of either one is bad. The ideal is a balance of both. The hot Saharan desert for example is an example of extreme Yang while the bitter cold Antarctica is extreme Yin. Neither is desirable.

     Stitching time: approx. 10hrs

     The backing of the bookmark is white sticker paper and it allows you to write a dedication or a few meaningful words. The size is an approximate 2.75in by 6.5in. The bookmark comes in a handmade, slimline white envelope, with a Velcro or ribbon closure. This bookmark was created in a smoke and pet free environment.

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